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The other marsha mason


No, I'm not THE Marsha Mason, I'm the other Marsha Mason: Canadian, actor, writer & smart ass.  

I play a lot of mums, mums who are quirky, mums who are warm, mums who are too smart for shenanigans, but entertained by her kids exploits.

I play characters who are strong, high powered, and smart, DA's, teachers, spin doctors.  I can also bring plenty of the funny if required.

All comedies are dramas, and all dramas are comedies.

It makes for a good living.




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Voice Work

A smattering of my radio presence.


The reviews are in and the critics are raving about Behold, the Barfly!

NNNNN – 75 minutes of non-stop hilarity … What sets Barfly! apart from any number of funny sketch shows, and puts it in the same league as Kids in the Hall, is the caliber of Haigh’s writing—it’s dark and twisted but also keenly intelligent, loaded with clever twists, intriguing arguments and obscure references …Performed by a strong ensemble of top local talent … I could go on. Just see it!” –NOW Magazine (read the full review here)

★★★★½ … Laugh-out-loud … You’re in for a good time!” – Till Next We Trod the Boards (read the full review here)

Hilarious … I was delighted … Had me in stitches … The Monarch Tavern [was] filled with laughter … Clever and unexpected … Beautiful and poignant … Full marks to Justin Haigh for his quirky, intelligent, and highly comedic script … Fringe at its best!” – Mooney on Theatre(read the full review here)

Hilarious and bizarre … Goofing around with sharp social commentary and poking fun at human foibles, it’s all about making sense of a crazy world … The energetic, sharp-witted and playful ensemble really give ‘er, bringing to life hilarious characters and situations … Wacky fun!” – Life with more Cowbell (read the full review here)